Our RO/RO logistics service network covers nine major ports on the west coast of Africa, coastal areas and offshore areas, AMS is the unique leader in the industry to cater to the trade for vehicle ro/ro logistic service that has realized, sea and ocean multimodal transport. AMS can provide door-to-door services to clients ranging from land shipment from Shippers yard to port and from port to designated destination, and provide specialized safe and secure Car parks and warehousing service. The Coast wise and nationwide service network, state-of-the-art technology, sophisticated safety and quality management system all ensure that AMS will meet clients’ needs.

  • Maritime transport of vehicles through lines represented.
  • Specialized terminal handling and storage (value added services).
  • Shipments coordination stock control and damage prevention monitoring for vehicles.
  • Inland distribution.
  • Customs and fiscal assistance.
  • Port captain services.