The company

Since every ships agency has its own way of operating. For companies dealing with several different agents, this results in time-consuming administration and unpredictability due to varying performances from port to port. Having streamlined our operations and provided them with standard operating procedures. We have a made to order professional service.

We believe a more predictable and structured way of managing multiple port calls will simplify customers work and give more peace of mind. We also believe it will reduce their operational and administrative costs and improve their efficiency. We have re-defined our business to cater for this, resulting in a new approach to ships agency.

This unique concept streamlines and simplifies multiple port-call operations whilst ensuring that our customers’ needs are always met. A network of offices in Eight west African ports under the same umbrella and being guided
through Dubai as the command and control center to facilitate and provide our customers one window operation.

We have partnered with the best of local expertise from these ports to provide an exclusive ships agency services. Combined with our competence and experience, this puts us in a unique position to change the way we handle our
customers’ multiple port calls.


The firm Aqua Marine Shipping Agency DMCC was formed on the 18th 2014. This was done to provide one window operation to provide an easy access to the Shipping trade, and to establish a competitive and reliable network of
agencies on the west coast of Africa, as the ship-owners were facing great delays as well as other logistics and administrative problems due to various factors, unique to Africa.

To address these problems, a careful selection of local and overseas team of talented, educated and experienced experts were assembled to form these groups. Thus eight agency offices in important countries/ports were strategically located on the West African coast. With command and control located at Dubai UAE, we have provided a centralized head office for these operations.


Aqua Marine Shipping Agency DMCC Dubai aims to provide excellent quality of shipping support to clients and assist their businesses with efficient operations resulting in economies of scale in a professional manner. Better and efficient service and reduced costs, is the aim of our Branch staff. We have a mixed staff of expatriates and locals who understands the local market, rules and regulations to the benefit of our clients / Principals. Through
its centralized and effective operational procedures AMSA ensures trouble-free operations at all times, day or night, 24 hrs. A day and 7 days a week.

AQMSA is well placed to take advantage of the strategic geographical location of our Branch offices to offer our customers excellent services. To move their transit cargoes to adjacent countries through the road infrastructure.
Throughout the region, including to Burkina Faso, the Ivory Coast, Mali, Niger and Togo.

AQMSA has a proven track record in customer service employing skilled local and expatriate personnel with extensive operational experience. The team merges international best practice with regional knowledge, providing customers with the best service possible.

AQMSA has a strong bond and relations with local port authorities, our service providers and the country’s shipping industry; including cargo suppliers, importers, manufacturers, repairers and service engineers, all of which benefit our customers.

AQMSA maintains exceptional levels of service through the setting and monitoring of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). We measure these internally, to ensure we maintain service, efficiency and productivity standards and we
provide the necessary feedback to our clients enabling them to make informed decisions about their operations.

AQSMA has a state-of-the-art communications network, provides its customers with a strong competitive advantage, allowing us to deliver a reliable and efficient 24/7 service. We work closely with other branch offices in the region.


Our vision
To be the best Shipping Service provider in the West African Region and outstanding in each segment of the Shipping Industry, providing the best of the services in all of the ports, Where we Shall be asked to represent our Customers and be source of pride to the Market.

Our mission
To deliver the very best of the value for money to our customers through Quality, Safety, Environment and Responsibility. Efficient management of their Assets, Business, resulting in the very best of results in terms of performance and Economics to always excel with improvement.

Our values
Our Group has built a successful chain of shipping agencies on the West coast of African Ports based on the Expertise gained with the Joint efforts of our Local and overseas partners in the global shipping business. Based upon the long-standing reputation of our parent company. This reputation is one of the most valuable assets for the Group worldwide and is reflected in our core and business values.

These values are shared by all members of our team and the group to which each of us subscribes as a family, our commitment and loyalty are the major unifying factors. They reinforce our dedication to work hard and to help promote our goal of profitable growth.


  • Satisfaction of the customers:Tolerance Zero for not respecting the clients’ demands, internals, statutory and
    applicable regulations.
  • Efficiency as tool of production Tolerance Zero for the non-functioning, non-performances.
  • Growth and upgrading of the staff Tolerance Zero for frustration and contempt.
  • Health and security at work Tolerance Zero beyond health and security at work.
  • Protection on the environment Tolerance Zero for damaging the environment.