Since every ships agency has its own way of operating. For companies dealing with several different agents, this results in time-consuming administration and unpredictability due to varying performances from port to port. Having streamlined our operations and provided them with standard operating procedures. We have a made to order professional service.

We believe a more predictable and structured way of managing multiple port calls will simplify customers work and give more peace of mind. We also believe it will reduce their operational and administrative costs and improve their efficiency. We have re-defined our business to cater for this, resulting in a new approach to ships agency.

This unique concept streamlines and simplifies multiple port-call operations whilst ensuring that our customers’ needs are always met. A network of offices in Nine west African ports under the same umbrella are being guided through Dubai as the command and control center to facilitate and provide our customers one window operation.

We have partnered with the best of local expertise from these ports to provide an exclusive ships agency services. Combined with our competence and experience, this puts us in a unique position to change the way we handle our customers’ multiple port calls.


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