Founded in the year 2009 under the able and dynamic leadership of the Sallaum Family from Lebanon, armed with years of trading and shipping experience, Aqua Marine Shipping took roots from a humble beginning starting one after the other from one port to the other establishing their trading posts in the West African belt.

The main aim was to cater for the ever growing demands of the shipping industry, and the outlook had been that the shipping industry is satisfied with the consistent quality service. Having assembled teams of professionals fully capable of handling any vessel and of all types. The group is proud to mention that they have in the past six years of their operation claimed a position of maturity and Brand.

Having established exclusive rights and special privileges from ports within their domain, they can now offer the same to their respected client’s .i.e. berthing windows and expedited berthing facilities.

Hassle free port operation, with special privileges are extended to our ships. Which we have gained through our network of associates and friends in the Ports and shipping Business.
As part of their expansion of activities they have continuously increasing their operational area to other countries, firstly through associates and later by setting up their own facilities

The group have offices in nine major West African countries and associates in three other West African countries and one in North Africa.

The group’s expansion in to the UAE was in beginning of year 2014 with the establishment of Aqua marine Shipping agency DMCC

The need to be locally present in this increasingly important market of Middle East gulf was a strategic decision that will pay back with the growth of Dubai as regional and commercial hub, especially so to the shipping industry of the region. Aqua Marine Shipping Dubai will become the hub of all canvassing of shipping and trade businesses, as well as our staff training activities and meetings.

Equipped with the state of art communication facilities and software to handle all financial and operational needs 24/7.This would be the operational lighthouse of all of our group activities.


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